Planning My Career

“Aim always for the higher. If your target is 10 miles, aim for the 11th mile.”

Planning is essential for a better tomorrow, it is like a cyclic process which includes making decisions, exploring career goal, exploring yourself, find ways to achieve it, and implementing decisions. I believe better planning gives more choices in life. If not, we should compromise to the limited choices. A career goal guides you into doing what you want with your life. From my bachelor’s degree, I was very much fascinated about programming and then decided to become a good programmer. From then, I planned accordingly by taking computer science as my major stream. I started learning programming from scratch and practiced till I became confident. Today’s world is like a race; Technology grows rapidly. In this competitive world, without planning nothing is possible. I believed in smart work and started practicing the algorithms in a smart and efficient way.

Initially, I started my career with simple programs.  I like to get exposure to the world, so I started to work as a freelancer by developing some websites. Gradually, I increased the level of complexity by dealing with big projects. I learned C, C++ and JAVA; out of my passion in programming, I learned Python and Ant Programming languages. I also participated in online coding contests in websites like Code Chef and Facebook. Today, I became a good programmer like how I planned before. By the end of my graduation, I was confident enough that I would get a job. I proved my adroit and got a job in a Software Company Trianz. I then joined the company and after 18 months planned for my masters. Further, I would like to establish a company of my own and take it to a top level. For this, it is necessary to establish public relations. I believe, planning like before will take me to the next desired level of my career. Money is the essential thing in life. I always believe a good job gives more money and fame. Getting a good job is possible with appropriate planning. I worked as an entry level software developer yesterday, as an experienced software developer today, a senior software developer tomorrow and further CEO of a company.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I like the way you have planned your career and going forward with it. I hope you will become CEO of a reputed company in the near future


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