Planning My Career

“Aim always for the higher. If your target is 10 miles, aim for the 11th mile.”
Planning is essential for a better tomorrow, it is like a cyclic process which includes making decisions, exploring career goal, exploring yourself, find ways to achieve it, and implementing decisions. I believe better planning gives more choices in life. If not, we should compromise to the limited choices. A career goal guides you into doing what you want with your life. From my bachelor’s degree, I was very much fascinated about programming and then decided to become a good programmer. From then, I planned accordingly by taking computer science as my major stream. I started learning programming from scratch and practiced till I became confident. Today’s world is like a race; Technology grows rapidly. In this competitive world, without planning nothing is possible. I believed in smart work and started practicing the algorithms in a smart and efficient way.

Initially, I started my career with simple progra…